Delicatessen – New York


WI oversaw the renovation process for this Travel & Leisure Restaurant Design of the Year award winning venue. Duties included redesigning the kitchen equipment layout to better meet the production needs, getting the entire facility to meet all city/state/national code requirements, addressing acoustical needs to improve the overall guest experience, updating the sound system needs to allow for late night revenue opportunities, addressing design related issues encumbering overall operational efficiency.

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What others are saying about Delicatessen:

“Built into the lower floors of a SoHo tenement, Delicatessen embraces New York City’s early-20th-century brick-and-mortar solidity, while imposing its own glamorous atmospherics. High-gloss materials and seductive lighting amplify dramatic skylight views of an interior courtyard; the urban landscape is incorporated into the restaurant—and transformed.”
-Travel + Leisure, T+L Design Award Recipient, 2009
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