Concept Development

Concept Development and Execution

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the top design firms in NYC. These experiences provided the tools required to understand how to take the specialized needs of the client and transform them into an environment that is inviting to clientele while providing an enjoyable workspace for employees to work in an efficient manner.

The execution phase begins after the client has defined the general concept. Once a direction is determined, the next step requires bringing in the various professional trades (designers/architects/etc) to finalize design elements, prepare finalized drawings to submit for FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) and architectural details, prepare budgets for approval, conduct bid-leveling, and finalize all design elements with designer, architect and ownership.

Once the client has approved work to begin, I’ll review all working drawings, specifications, and schedules submitted by contractors to ensure the build-out mirrors the design intent. This will be an ongoing process during the work progress, as well, overseeing/inspecting all installations on job site to ensure they adhere to design intent.

Operationally Efficient Design Development & Coordination

During the design development phase, I’ll be working directly with the designer & architect to ensure the layout allows for the most efficient use of the space based on the clients needs, and maximizing profits. This includes everything from # of seats, seating layout, bar location & layout, staff service areas locations & design requirements based on concept needs, back of house needs (kitchen layout, dry goods storage needs, refrigeration needs & layout, office, staff locker room, etc).

Budget & Critical Path Development

Before any new build-out development or renovations can begin, an acceptable budget must be defined and approved. This is determined by the type of concept, the location, clientele, the various finishes and type of materials scheduled to be used and design details defined by your designer/architect.

Based on the clients budget requirements/restrictions, I’ll work directly with the designer in making any necessary adjustments to meet the budget needs, and work with the designer to conduct the bid-leveling comparison to assist the client in making final decisions.

Operations Strategy & System Implementation

Determining how your business will operate on a day to day basis will define the type of experience your clientele receives, and directly affects your bottom line. My Operations experience with nightclubs, bars, hotels and restaurants provides a broad resource to help you define the best strategy required for the success of your business. Once the strategic approach has been determined, I’ll define the systems needing to be implemented and executed on a daily basis to meet those strategic needs. This includes anything from defining  the daily responsibilities of each job class to sales strategies to job performance analysis….and more, depending on the clients needs.

Beverage Program Development

I’ve had the opportunity to oversee some of the most successful, and renown, beverage programs in NYC. While at Lotus, our beverage sales exceeded $4MM a year while having a Beverage Cost of Goods below 13.5%.

Thankfully, my experience extends beyond the world of nightclubs, and into high-end cocktail specific bars, 4 star hotel Food & Beverage programs, and even high-scale mexican restaurants, providing me with a broad understanding of beverage program development needs based on various concepts.

Business Expansion

If you’re in a position where it’s time to grow your business, congratulations! The success of one venue can lead to many new and exciting opportunities. Whether you’d like to take your existing venue and redevelopment in a new location, or, you’d like to build on your success and begin a whole new venture, my experience with redeveloping existing venues and conceptualizing new ventures will be an asset, however your business plans to expand.


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