The Lambs Club – New York

The Lambs Club Restaurant & Bar
Project Manager
New York

As project manager for the development of  The Lambs Club Restaurant & Bar, a three-floor restaurant, bar and banquet facility designed by the world-renown design firm, The Office of Thierry Despont, in The Chatwal Hotel, I was responsible for overseeing the concept  development from start to finish on behalf of ownership.

The Lambs Club is owned by Will Regan, Jeffrey Jah, David Rabin and Margaret & Geoffrey Zakarian.  Will, David and Jeffrey are some of the most well-known and highly regarded  members of New York nightlife for over 20+ years, Geoffrey Zakarian is a three-star New York Times chef and TV personality (Chopped, Best Thing I Ever Ate), and Margaret Zakarian has over a decade of experience marketing the most high-end and successful hospitality venues in New York.

This project allowed me the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top architects and designers. On a daily basis, I worked directly with WQB Architecture, Jacobs | Doland (equipment layout design), The Office of Thierry Despont (designer) and Hampshire Hotels & Resorts (landlord and client) to ensure that the final product met the operational needs set forth in the initial P&L assumptions.

This included guiding the project from pre-development through the permitting process, working with the ownership to develop business plan, pro forma, P&L statement, operating budget, staffing matrix, critical path, etc.  I oversaw a $1.2MM opening F&B Operations Budget that covered everything from opening inventories to smallware selections to opening labor budget and marketing.

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What others are saying about The Lambs Club:

“Zakarian is constrained by the times (he’s a child of the baroque nineties) and the limitations of a hotel menu (the entrées include chicken, scallops, and steak), but he knows how to produce an old-fashioned gourmet meal…spend your cash instead on the old-world cocktail list, subtly updated by one of the founding fathers of the downtown mixologist movement, Sasha Petraske.”
- Adam Platt, New York Magazine
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“The fashionable will flock to this new eatery for its style and substance.”
- Steve Cuozzo, The New York Post
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 “Introducing the reborn Lambs Club, a new take on the legendary midtown club of old, built at the same address, and set to be your home base for deal-making, Manhattan-imbibing and glad-handing, open for power breakfasts next week and shortly thereafter for dinner and drinks.”
- UrbanDaddy
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