Macbar – New York

Working with the award winning design team NEMA Workshop, I supervised the build-out completion of MacBar, an upscale QSR with specific focus on providing gourmet macaroni and cheese offerings.

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What others are saying about Macbar:

“Introducing MacBar, a pint-size to-go shrine to the cheesiest of late-night cravings, opening tomorrow next to late-night juggernaut Delicatessen.  It’s everything you’re used to in a late-night refueling stop, but served up faster, creamier and…more lobster-y.”
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“I’d also like to mention, from a Graphic Designers point of view, this play is pretty rad. Their logo is great, simple, just how I like it. And the consistency with their brand should be commended. The interior, right down to their business cards is all Macbar. They also have a really fun line of apparel, my favorite features an blinged out elbow macaroni on a chain t-shirt.”
-Little Fish blog
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