Venue Development

Development and Execution

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the top design firms in NYC. These experiences provided the tools required to understand how to take the specialized needs of the client and transform them into an environment that is inviting to clientele while providing an enjoyable workspace for employees to work in an efficient manner.

The execution phase begins after the client has defined the general concept. Once a direction is determined, the next step requires bringing in the various professional trades (designers/architects/etc) to finalize design elements, prepare finalized drawings to submit for FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) and architectural details, prepare budgets for approval, conduct bid-leveling, and finalize all design elements with designer, architect and ownership.

Once the client has approved work to begin, I’ll review all working drawings, specifications, and schedules submitted by contractors to ensure the build-out mirrors the design intent. This will be an ongoing process during the work progress, as well, overseeing/inspecting all installations on job site to ensure they adhere to design intent.

Operationally Efficient Design Development & Coordination

During the design development phase, I’ll be working directly with the designer & architect to ensure the layout allows for the most efficient use of the space based on the clients needs, and maximizing profits. This includes everything from # of seats, seating layout, bar location & layout, staff service areas locations & design requirements based on concept needs, back of house needs (kitchen layout, dry goods storage needs, refrigeration needs & layout, office, staff locker room, etc).

Critical Path Development

Venue Build-Out Budget (Cost to Complete) Development & Management

Before any new build-out development or renovations can begin, an acceptable budget must be defined and approved. This is determined by the type of concept, the location, clientele, the various finishes and type of materials scheduled to be used and design details defined by your designer/architect.

Based on the client’s budget requirements/restrictions, I will work directly with the designer to make any necessary adjustments to meet the budget needs and work with the designer to conduct bid-leveling comparison to assist the client in making final decisions.  Once the budget has been finalized and work is scheduled to begin, a working timeline (critical path) and cost-to-complete document with be developed and will be managed on a daily basis to ensure the project stays on track and within the approved budget.

Project Management

Once the design is finalized and the build-out is ready to begin, someone will need to oversee the day to day progress and ensure the project is moving forward on schedule and budget.

My past experience as project manager for well known NYC venues such as  The Lambs Club at The Chatwal Hotel, The Double Seven, Los Dados, and MacBar provides me with the knowledge required to handle any project management needs you may require.


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